Top 10 Most EXPENSIVE Football Shirts – Week 3

Welcome to a new series that I am going to be releasing on my channel which features the top 10 most expensive football shirt sales each week on eBay. I’ll be showing the top 10 as well as adding my own thoughts and opinions on each shirt.

Let me know your thoughts an opinions on both the shirts shown and the video concept in general.

If you are looking to buy some football shirts then please consider using my affiliate links. I earn a small commission based on what you purchase. It is a simple way of supporting the channel and the website.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Most EXPENSIVE Football Shirts – Week 3

  1. The Spurs shirt may be a youth team shirt. I vaguely remember reading something that mentioned that the youth team weren’t allowed to wear Holsten due to being under-18s and Holsten being alcohol. The sponsor was sometimes replaced or removed (read the story about the 87 cup final shirt debacle).

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