Highlights: Liverpool 0-0 Arsenal | Semi-final frustration at Anfield

Watch key highlights from the Reds’ Carabao Cup semi final first leg game where the 10-man Gunners saw out a goalless draw against Jürgen Klopp’s side.

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27 comentarios en “Highlights: Liverpool 0-0 Arsenal | Semi-final frustration at Anfield

  1. Baked Gamer18

    How are people saying it was the worst game in years when Arsenal went to a back 5 after the red card and they were all sitting behind the ball they never really attacked

  2. Baked Gamer18

    If we want a win next week we have to line up like this


  3. Adi Adi

    It's time to sign a successor for Firminho. Several rising young strikers can be considered: Flahovic (Fiorentina), J David (LOSC), J Burkardt (Mainz + Germany U21 captain)

  4. MrCrazy

    0 highlights… absolute shitshow of a game. Lazy bastards should have ran over Arsenal when they were 1 man down.

  5. Basurullah Mohamed

    The worst performance by the Liverpool team, ever. The players were playing as if they were leading by 3 or 4 goals. Very, very disappointing. I sent to bed at 3 AM.

  6. Samuel Andrew Clark

    Not sure why people are bitching, lots of opportunities, just missing two of our leading goal scorers… Arsenal defended brilliantly to be fair.. bring on a smashing at the Emirates!

  7. Ali Hashim

    We really need to renew salahs contract… and I don't see why we don't reports have come out he only wants 350k. We can't lose either him or mane, even with mane going through a slump, just him on the pitch gets the oppasitions defence all worried.

  8. БССР !

    The red card was not for Arsenal but for Liverpool … Because Liverpool cannot play in the championship when it has one more player than the opponent

  9. Roger Monson

    Actually, I'm surprised that a highlights video of this game could last over two minutes. !! Maybe if you called it "Lowlights". Our front three had one job to do, and against 10 men….

  10. Bartek Jasinski

    Little bit disappointed with Liverpool they played at home not many shots on targets massive possession of ball they created chances but no finish and Arsenal was 1 man down no good

  11. Hossam Amir Rashid

    I don’t understand my team at all. How do we expect to fight for title with the squad depth we have ? With all due respect for some of our player like Milner and Henderson with what they have done , but I can’t see any chance of us winning any trophies. And on top of that we can’t even give salah what he wants ? And we don’t look like buying any one in this window . The owners should be ashamed of themselves.

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